Secretary of the 教师 and 工作人员

The 沙发 is a codified officer of the University (UWGB 50.03) appointed by the Chancellor with the concurrence of the University Committee, responsible to the 教务长 in the performance of his or her duties. My name is Michael L. Draney and I currently have the honor of serving as Secretary of the 教师 and 工作人员 for the four campuses, located at 绿湾, 马尼托瓦克, 马里内特, 和黄, that make up the University of Wisconsin-绿湾, part of the University of Wisconsin System. Originally called Secretary of the 教师, the name was changed in 1993 to reflect the shared responsibilities of 教师 and 学术人员 in campus governance and in the education of our students. In 2014, when the Classified 工作人员 were recognized as the 大学工作人员 and joined in the responsibilities of shared campus governance, the position name was changed to Secretary of the 教师 and 工作人员. Previous holders of the Office are:

  • Dr. Steven J. 迈耶(2015 - 2023)
  • Dr. Clifford F. 雅培(2006 - 2015)
  • Dr. 肯尼斯·J. Fleurant (2003-2006)
  • Dr. 杰罗尔德C. Rodesch (1998-2003)
  • Dr. E. Michael Thron (1993-1998)
  • Dr. Richard Sherrell (1985-1993)
  • Dr. Elmer Havens (1979-1985)
  • Dr. James Murray (1976-1979)
  • Dr. Harry Guilford (1971-1976)
  • Dr. Frank Byrne (1969-1971)

What does the Secretary of the 教师 and 工作人员 do?

The functions of the Secretary of the 教师 and 工作人员 can be grouped into five broad categories:

  • Coordinating and facilitating faculty and 工作人员 governance consistent with all applicable campus and System policies, 代码, 和法规;
  • 记录, 编译, publicizing and preserving the products of faculty and 工作人员 governance, including governance handbooks, curriculum and personnel actions, as well as other policy documents, 报告, recommendations;
  • Serving as a knowledgeable resource person for faculty, 工作人员, 和管理, 有关政策, 程序, perspectives pertaining to faculty and 工作人员 as well as campus governance;
  • Maintaining personnel files for faculty and 工作人员 as well as records for all campus academic units and faculty/academic/university 工作人员 committees.
  • Serving as University Ombudsperson.


The 沙发 / Governance Office 工作人员 is ready to help in any way we can. Stop by Cofrin Library, Suite 835 or contact us at
Secretary of the 教师 and 工作人员/Ombudsperson
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